Whether it's developing vibrant multifamily and mixed-use properties, helping to shape a skyline, or creating unique retail destinations, Northland focuses its resources and expertise on creating value and enhancing local communities.

What’s at our core?


Our team is in-house and hands-on, working tirelessly to find the best and often most creative use for a property. From site selection to unforeseen obstacles, our expertise and pragmatic vision deliver results where other investment firms have failed.


Northland maintains exemplary relationships with our local communities. We work sensitively and effectively with municipalities, builders, suppliers, political bodies, and others to sort through complex regulations and quickly resolve zoning, permitting, and other development issues.

Development Management

From contract negotiation to ribbon cutting and every step in between, our knowledgeable, experienced project team optimizes processes and evaluates all program options to ensure marketability and stakeholder satisfaction.

Construction Management

We shine when it comes to problem solving, especially in situations such as highly constrained sites where innovative solutions are needed. Our in-house construction professionals are skilled at optimizing contractor performance and maintaining solid relations with labor.


Recent Development:

The Merc

The Merc is a mixed-use development in downtown Waltham.  It features 269 new residences in three five-story buildings on a 4.5 acre site, along with 27,500 square feet of retail space, a 300-car parking garage and 92 surface parking spaces.  To learn more about The Merc, visit

Hartford 21 in Hartford, CT